Substitute Teacher Requirements in Idaho

Idaho Substitute Teaching Requirements
To become a substitute teacher in Idaho the requirements must be met:
•Complete your background check
•Proof of High School Diploma or Official College Transcripts
•Substitute teacher training
•Letters of recommendation
•Completed application

Complete Your Idaho Background Check
You must first complete your background check through the Idaho State Department of Education, a $40 fee will apply. Along with a background chek a Statewide Criminal Identification Bureau check, a Federal Bureau of Investigation check, and a National Crime Information Center and Idaho sex offender registry check will be completed.You must also obtain a fingerprint clearance card, all types of fingerprint cards are accepted. It is recommended that you do this first because it may take a couple weeks to get this done and for all paperwork to be received. School district offices in Idaho can assist you with this.

Proof of High School Diploma
Some school districts only require you to provide proof of having obtained a high school diploma or the equivalent, such as a general education diploma (GED).

Obtain Official College Transcripts
You will need an official copy of your college transcripts verifying that you have received a Bachelor’s degree to receive your substitute certification. Submit Official College Transcripts at the same time you turn in your substitute teacher application. Your official transcript will not be returned and copies of your transcript are not accepted.

Substitute Teacher Training
Most school districts in Idaho will require you to take a substitute teacher course or training. In order to take a course accepted by the district you are applying for, you should contact the school district you are applying for.

Letters of Recommendation
It is recommended that you get professional references to write a letter of recommendation for you. An applicant tends to need 2-3 letters of recommendation because a majority of school districts in Idaho require that many. Some of these recommendations can be electronically submitted.

Complete Your Application for Certification
You will need to find the online application for substitute teaching and substitute teaching packet online or get it from the Human Resources Department of the school district you are applying for. The packet also includes the Substitute Teacher Data Form, Federal Withholding Tax Form, and the Employment Eligibility Verification Form, and the Internet Agreement.

Substitute Teacher Pay in Idaho
The daily rates of a substitute teacher in Idaho will obviously change with your qualifications and different districts, but here is a general idea.
•Substitutes with a High School Diploma $65.00 per day
•Substitutes with a bachelors degree and or certified $80.00 per day

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