Substitute Teaching

Congratulations on your decision to start your career as a substitute teacher!

You are entering a field that is in high demand, so your chances of getting a job and becoming a substitute teacher are more than excellent!

How To Become A Substitute Teacher

Substitute teacher requirements vary from state to state. Click below to find out what the requirements are in your state and get resources for the school districts near you!

Substitute Teacher Job Description

There are two different types of substitute teachers, long-term day substitutes.  The two types are exactly what they sound like, long-term stays for an extended period of time where a day substitute is only in that classroom for a day.

Substitute teachers are to come into a classroom and basically fulfill the responsibilities that the original teacher would do. Such responsibilities are taking attendance, implementing lesson plans, assigning in-class work and homework, controlling the class, and writing an evaluation report at the end of class in order to communicate class behavior or other comments.

Substitute Teaching Jobs

As mentioned before, there is a constant demand for substitute teachers.  You have a great chance of being hired as long as you meet the proper requirements (requirements differ depending on which state you live in) because of how many of thousands of schools there are around the country.

Whether it’s an elementary school, a middle school, or a high school there are many different job opportunities that can fit the needs and wants you have for your future.

Substitute Teacher Requirements

Every state has different requirements, some may have loose restrictions whereas another state might have a lot of restrictions and requirements.

For example, in Delaware you are required in most districts to get a Tuberculosis Test with your health examination.

Another example is that for some state requirements you must have a Bachelors degree whereas for other states all you might need as a minimum requirement is a High School Diploma.

In order to fulfill the proper requirements, it is important to contact the school district you are going to be applying for a substitute teaching job in.

Online applying

Applying for a Substitute Teaching Job Online

Certain districts in some states make it possible for you to fill out your application online.  With these certain districts you are able to pay the application fee online as well.

Some requirements cannot be fulfilled online and for that reason must be physically done such as transferring an official college transcript.



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